Friday, August 3, 2012

Easy Peasy as Mac and Cheesy linky

Hope I won't be penalized for posting twice in one day, but the other one was a scheduled one at 9 this morning, and since it's now afternoon, I'm hoping you won't hate me! (Please don't hate me!)

Thanks to Staci for hosting this linky.

I LOVE to cook. In fact when I was graduating from high school in 1998, I was seriously torn between going to University for English literature and Education, or Community College for cooking (specifically baking, yummm!)

On my other neglected blog, I've posted a few recipes in the past:

Raisin Bannock
Oven Pancake Muffins
Christmas Cookies
Nuts and Bolts
Taco Pizzas

Today I share (sorry no pictures):

Bubbly Bake
This is a recipe my mom learned in home ec in the 70's. I don't get to make it often ever, because my husband HATES fish. I like to sometimes use other spices than salt and pepper, Mrs. Dash is a nice choice! I also am pretty sure I put closer to a cup of cheese on top, I LOVE cheese. I didn't write what type of fish down, you can probably use what is available, but we always use HADDOCK. (I tried Sole once when we lived out west, but it was gross.)

1lb white fish
1/4c minced onion (or onion flakes)
1can cream of mushroom soup
1/4c water
1/2c grated cheddar
Salt and pepper to taste

Clean fish if needed and place in baking dish
Sprinkle with salt and pepper
Mix soup and water and pour over fish
Top with cheese
 Bake 350* for 40 min


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