Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Past Projects #2: Cardboard Challenge

Last time I had my own classroom I did a big project with my kids at the end of the year about recycling. I challenged each student to create something and present it to the class.

As you can see, I was presented with a Sponge-bob Toy, a desk Organizer, an Airplane, a bank, two robots, three cars, a bus, a train, and I'm sad to say I don't remember now what the last project was. oops!


The reason I'm showing you this now is because of  "Caine's Arcade". Did you watch the original video?

The Original:

Well now that it's five months later there is a challenge being made that I would love to do in my imaginary classroom. Since I can't actually do it :(, I want to pass the knowledge onto you in hopes that you will do it with yours!


If I were doing this challenge:
I'd maybe as a class or grade level design and create a maze for the fall/harvest festival
Have groups design flea circuses
Have them make a village
Do my original project, but start with showing them parts of the original video as inspiration
Have each student make an arcade game

To be honest, when my husband and I moved early this year to make room for baby, I really REALLY wanted to keep about 8 of the big moving boxes to bring to his sisters house when we went visiting so I could make a castle/fort for her two kids. I could see it perfectly in my head. But we had nowhere to store it, and with a newborn there is no way I would have had time to construct it.

What would you make? 
What would you hope they'd make?
Would you guide them towards projects?
Would you brainstorm as a class first and assign each idea to a student or group of students?
Or Would you have parents sign up for group leaders due to the potential size of these projects?
Would you leave it ALL to their imagination?
What books could we tie into this for Language Arts?

There is so much to consider!!

See more information and join the challenge here.

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