Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunday School Recap: Sept 9th

This is a picture of the left side of my Sunday School Classroom. I teach the 2/3 slpit in the kitchen, so it's a shared space. The two small bulletin boards were VERY messy when I came in on Sunday. I always clear them at the end of the last class in June, but since someone else was teaching the last few months, they left everything up, also, the VBS added their own posters. By the end of the class I had both boards cleared and one new display set up.
Here's the close ups of the two before pictures. Don't look below for the after, because since I didn't have enough time to finish, I didn't take them. Sorry for the pictures being on their sides, my computer is having a Moment... and won't let me flip them!

And here are two pictures of two other walls of the class, I forgot to take any from the last angle, but I will eventually.

As for how Sunday School went, it went really well! I used a few WBT tricks to help the day along.

My kids loved when I taught them how to do the mirror while I told this weeks Bible lesson using gestures.

I taught them class-yes, and by the end of the 45 minute morning, most got it, although a few kept repeating my class instead of saying yes. It's okay, we'll all know it by the end of the month.

When I was looking for responses to my comprehension questions, I taught the class how to do a ten finger woo when students gave awesome answers. they definitely gt a kick out of that.

Since I spoke too much before getting into the lesson, we didn't get into the rules yet. But that's on the books for next week.

The current season in the church calendar is the season of creation (It's a new season inserted into Pentecost), and because of that , the first few weeks in September are all about caring for God's World. This week was about the 6th day of creation, and how we are made in God's image and are expected to care for his world as he would.

With the gestures, I hope my kids were better able to tell their parents what they learned over supper that night. (Am I dreaming that they would do this? lol)

I gave my kids the choice of 3 activities to do to reinforce the story, an art activity, writing or making people out of playdough. I shouldn't have been surprised that they all chose playdough, so I'm going to have to rethink a few things, namely alternating the activities, and only offering playdough 1-2 times a month as a response.

Here are their people, they thought the long arms were hilarious!

How was your first Sunday back?

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