Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reading with Star Wars


Did you know that it was recently Star Wars Reads day? I learned about it after the fact, and thought it was kinda cool. It was Saturday October 6th, and hopefully it will be an annual event for geeky kids and their families

I'm definitely a geek, but when it comes to "Star" geek series, I always prefer Star TREK.

Nevertheless, these posters are pure geeky awesomesauce, so I'm sharing with you!

You have NO IDEA how many linkbacks I followed to find the original source, good grief, Charlie Brown!

It seems they were recently on a website called "Steal this Art", and are no longer available.
By a former Disney Artist named Jason Peltz.

Hop on Hutt

So what do you think? Are they pure geeky teacher awesomeness?

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