Friday, October 26, 2012

What do you want to see?

Right now I'm saying a little prayer I get more than one entry into my 100 Followers Celebration, but in the meantime, I'm looking to see what I should write future posts about. So, I'm turning to you, what do you want to see?

I'm not teaching this year, so I can't share current classroom pictures. But I can occasionally share old pictures and of my Sunday School.

I like to share Freebies. What do you want to see more of or would be interested in? My WBT products, Superhero themed items, journal pages, calendars, Canada unit, etc?

I like Pinterest pins, do you or do they drive you batty?

I'm collecting together some of my semi-original Christmas songs to share with the other Sunday School teachers at my church, would you be interested in having a free packet?

I've written several posts about WBT, are you interested in my thoughts on other aspects of the program? I'm considering writing about other systems I've heard about as well.

Do you enjoy my weekly lol's? I love finding them and sharing.

I've written two posts about the recent school board election, would you be interested in further school board posts? What about other education news if it has further reaching appeal or consequences?

I create almost all my own graphics on my freebies, would you be interested in acquiring them? Are there additions to my superhero graphics you'd like to see before I put them on TpT?

My page name is Reading with Mrs D, would you like to see more reading activities, or is my random assortment OK with you?

I have done a few tutorials on things that I figured out and thought others would find useful, do you enjoy tutorials, and what would you like to have one for?

Please tell me honestly, when looking at my blog and ALL others, what are your favourite topics?

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