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Blogger Feature: A Crucial Life

I'm a little sad that I've only had 3 people link up for my celebration, there's still time to add your link to my linky and follow me. I really REALLY want to share my favourite ideas and resources from YOU!!! But you have to link up first.

Today I'm going to start with A Crucial Week...
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Emer is an Irish Primary School teacher, and according to the Profile is living in Italy this year to teach.

Here are my favourite ideas and resources from Emer:

1. Woolly Octopus
Emer suggests this easy little craft as either a teacher made reward for behaviour or as a class craft. I remember doing something similar in guides about a million years ago in the 80's.

It's really easy to make, just click on the link to go to the tutorial.

I think it'd only be doable inmost classrooms if you could get parents to each donate a small ball of yarn, because this could get very expensive. I've never seen yarn at my dollarstore, so I'd be looking at at least $2 a student, and that adds up too quickly.

2. Painted Pebbles
Emer made these to use a classroom rewards. I could definitely see myself doing this next year.

I can also imagine my students enjoying painting small rocks for art. Maybe give each student four, and they have to paint the life cycle of a butterfly, or whatever we're studying?

3. Fraction Stations
I think Emer is using the term Stations the way I would use Centres?
 In anycase, this is a great resource to teach/review fractions with your elementary aged students. I love how hands on all 8 cards are!

4. Big Scale Art
I'll be honest and say I've seen this before, but I love how this art project is collaborative.  Just divide up a picture,and have students recreate it in a larger scale. It's beautiful Emer!

5. Authors Box
I like the idea to keep all your class created books together in a dedicated box. I think this one is cute!

THERE were so MANY more great ideas that Emer shared, but since many of them weren't Emer's, I didn't think it would be fair to share someone else's resources, but definitely go to the Blog and see ALL the ideas shared there, there are some really good ones!

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