Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blogger Feature: Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

I'm still hoping for more participants in my celebration. There's no cost to you, and you get free promotion and hopefully more blog traffic by participating, so what do you have to lose by me looking at your old posts for awesome ideas? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Now onto today's feature:
Kristen @ Mrs. L's Whole Brain Teaching
Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

Kristen has more than twice the number of followers as me, so I admit it, I'm a wee bit jealous!

Kristen is finishing up her last year in her Education Program in Manitoba, Canada, and will be a fully certified Canadian teacher by the end of the school year. YAY Kristen!

1. Getting a teaching Job links
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Now I know for most of you, this list is not needed anymore, but for new teachers like Kristen, and teachers returning to the market like myself, having reliable places to research when preparing for an interview is really helpful.

2. Remind 101
text your students, text parents, communicate with students after hours safely, remind 101
Kristen found this great online resource for classes so students and parents can receive texted reminders. She will use it with her students, but I see it as a great way to contact parents in Elementary school too. Check it out!

3. Multiple Perspectives in Social Studies
fall of new france, governing quebec, the ohio valley, royal proclamation
This lesson plan from her recent student teaching has students looking at the same event from the viewpoint of different participants. It's a great idea, because History is written by the winners of a battle, but the others always look back at things differently. One major example in Canadian History is the war of 1812. This year was the 200th anniversary, and Canadians, Americans and the British all view it differently, even to the point of who won it!

4. Student Led Learning
This particular teaching method wouldn't work in an elementary classroom with specific curricula to teach, but in upper years with more diversity in particular courses, what Kristen did for her World Issues class is awesome! She allowed students to decide what world cultures to study, and what aspects of their cultures to compare.

5. Post Secret Project
In this activity students wrote about the "secrets" of aboriginal treatment in Canada and the other countries they studied. I love the fact that this has a current pop culture aspect to engage students.

This blog is a great resource for teaching resource links. It's a one stop shop!

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  1. Thanks for such a great review Mrs D! I just came across this in my Google Reader and I was so excited I just can't stop smiling :) Thank you for all your kind words and best of luck with you celebration, I am definitely spreading the word for you!

    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching


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