Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Letter Writing

Here's a great idea I'm sure there's a wonderful product for on TpT, but anyone can do it!

This year get your class to practice letter writing, and send it to our troops overseas.

I don't have the American address, but if someone has it, I'll add it.

To Canadian Troops:

Any Canadian Forces Member
Op Attention: Kabul
PO Box 5140 Stn Forces
Belleville ON
K8N 5W6

If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful, special people, who have sacrificed so much would get. 

No Postage Stamp Required, just bring it to your nearest post office, and they'll put one on for you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Your Weekly lol 17

Ever have students fall asleep in class?

Would you be fooled?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Pinning and Creating #1

I apologize in advance to anyone who reads my posts on 3 Blogs: Reading With Mrs. D, And Something Pink, and Endless Pinabilities. But I just really wanted to share my Christmas preparations!

I plan to do some homemade decorations every year, and I just saw this on one of the blogs I follow, and had to do it!

Here is my Pin to the Blog post I read this morning:

And here is my picture of this years attempt:

Sunday School Recap: Learning Our Christmas Song

So as I shared yesterday, I wrote a song for my Sunday School class to learn and on Sunday we were going to start learning it. After all, the Sunday School concert is December 16th, which not that far away now!

At my church about once a month or so, the grade 2 and up classes return midway through the service to participate in Communion, and this was one of those Sundays. So my class was shortened significantly today, and we didn't get to my cute craft, sniff....

But since I had prioritized learning the song, right after today's lesson about Reign of Christ Sunday (the last day of the church calendar), I jumped right into teaching the song.

I started out by singing the song to the kids, and then asked if any knew the tune, about two did, one of which KNEW the song very well, and was excited, lol.

Then I had them follow along on their sheets (which they brought home today to practice at home).

The one boy in my class tried to hide the fact that he wasn't singing with us by holding his sheet in front of his face.

But I had a trick up my sleeves!

I next had the kids whisper sing it, which they found a little funny.

But I still wasn't done, I got them to sing it in a weird voice which I'm sorry to say I can't describe for you, but trust me, I got a LOT of giggles.

Following this, we sang it like Opera singers, but I called it "Like angels", which was still funny to them.

Finally, we sang it normally again, and by now I think they could have sung it without the words, but I'll hold off on that until next Sunday.

Next week I hope to have a few more silly voices up my sleeves. I think we'll try loud singing, but I'm hoping some of you have an idea or two up your sleeve for me?
Pretty Please?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Attempt #2 At Christmas Song 2012

Well, it took me a few weeks, but since I ABSOLUTELY have to start teaching my Sunday School Class their song for the concert starting this week, I buckled down and picked a different tune to write a new song. This is the one I choose of the new songs this year.

Which do you prefer, this one or the one I previously posted?

TUNE: My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean))

The angels sang out to the shepherds,
The angels sang over the field,
The angels sang out to the shepherds,
To visit the Baby and kneel,
Oh, visit this baby and kneel, and kneel,
Oh visit this baby and kneel.

The angels sang Glory to Heaven,
The angels sang Peace on the Earth,
The angels sang Glory to Heaven,
Tonight is our Saviours Birth.
Oh, visit this baby and kneel, and kneel,
Oh visit this baby and kneel.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bloggers with my same name challenge!

I challenge you to find Bloggers online using the same name as you to sign their posts with, or as their profile name (You've probably noticed a few, right?), and share what you've found on your blog.

It's pretty easy for there to be other bloggers using the same Pseudonym as you out there, especially since many teacher bloggers use their first or last initial with Mrs. to disguise their true identity. I know we don't do it to hide of course, but for privacy issues which are so often a part of teaching in an online community.

I've been using Mrs. D or Miss D since I first started blogging about my wedding over at my other blog: And Something Pink. When I got married I changed my profile name from Miss D to Mrs. D.

And Something Pink

I've noticed a few:

This one is a first grade teacher in Ohio, check her out!

This one is a second grade teacher, also great!
Buzzing About Second Grade

This one teaches first grade as well, I just found her a couple days ago.

On a quick internet search for more teacher Mrs. D's I found:

I'm sure there are more. If I forgot to include you, leave me a link, and I'll add you to my list.

Enjoy your hunt!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Blogger Feature: Owl Inspire You

Have you linked up yet to be a part of my 100 followers celebration? This is my third feature as part of my celebration, and I'm quickly running out of blogs to feature. I want YOU to be next.

Today's feature is KellNell @ Owl Inspire You
I'm a little overwhelmed by all the awesome ideas on this blog, wow!

1. Smellies
Instead of giving kids stickers for recognition when she sees them doing something good. She doesn't say what flavour/scent she is using, so the kids love to smell the backs of their hands to try and guess which one she used. There are literally hundreds of choices to buy, and you can buy them almost anywhere for very cheap. You're paying less than you would for a pack of stickers, and the tube will last for YEARS. I'm definitely going to try and remember this management trick when I teach again.

I like how cute her behaviour report is to send home with students who landed on red in her system.

I've seen versions of this resource before, but I love that she's using a solid colour ball instead of the beachball I've always seen before. Students don't know what they have to do for their assignment until they catch the ball. Brilliant!

She has some really good ideas here for how to get her students to actually USE their new vocabulary words. Try Tally-HO. every time a student says it, you get a tally mark on the board.

She plans on this year putting up vocabulary words throughout the year on her classroom tree. She started the year off with words on apples. She's using it in her centres with her class. There are really a LOT of things you could do with a tree in your classroom.

I hope you're the next blogger I feature!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blogger Feature: Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

I'm still hoping for more participants in my celebration. There's no cost to you, and you get free promotion and hopefully more blog traffic by participating, so what do you have to lose by me looking at your old posts for awesome ideas? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Now onto today's feature:
Kristen @ Mrs. L's Whole Brain Teaching
Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

Kristen has more than twice the number of followers as me, so I admit it, I'm a wee bit jealous!

Kristen is finishing up her last year in her Education Program in Manitoba, Canada, and will be a fully certified Canadian teacher by the end of the school year. YAY Kristen!

1. Getting a teaching Job links
teaching interview tips, tips for new teachers, how to prepare for a teaching interview, how to get a teaching job, teaching interview
Now I know for most of you, this list is not needed anymore, but for new teachers like Kristen, and teachers returning to the market like myself, having reliable places to research when preparing for an interview is really helpful.

2. Remind 101
text your students, text parents, communicate with students after hours safely, remind 101
Kristen found this great online resource for classes so students and parents can receive texted reminders. She will use it with her students, but I see it as a great way to contact parents in Elementary school too. Check it out!

3. Multiple Perspectives in Social Studies
fall of new france, governing quebec, the ohio valley, royal proclamation
This lesson plan from her recent student teaching has students looking at the same event from the viewpoint of different participants. It's a great idea, because History is written by the winners of a battle, but the others always look back at things differently. One major example in Canadian History is the war of 1812. This year was the 200th anniversary, and Canadians, Americans and the British all view it differently, even to the point of who won it!

4. Student Led Learning
This particular teaching method wouldn't work in an elementary classroom with specific curricula to teach, but in upper years with more diversity in particular courses, what Kristen did for her World Issues class is awesome! She allowed students to decide what world cultures to study, and what aspects of their cultures to compare.

5. Post Secret Project
In this activity students wrote about the "secrets" of aboriginal treatment in Canada and the other countries they studied. I love the fact that this has a current pop culture aspect to engage students.

This blog is a great resource for teaching resource links. It's a one stop shop!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blogger Feature: A Crucial Life

I'm a little sad that I've only had 3 people link up for my celebration, there's still time to add your link to my linky and follow me. I really REALLY want to share my favourite ideas and resources from YOU!!! But you have to link up first.

Today I'm going to start with A Crucial Week...
My button

Emer is an Irish Primary School teacher, and according to the Profile is living in Italy this year to teach.

Here are my favourite ideas and resources from Emer:

1. Woolly Octopus
Emer suggests this easy little craft as either a teacher made reward for behaviour or as a class craft. I remember doing something similar in guides about a million years ago in the 80's.

It's really easy to make, just click on the link to go to the tutorial.

I think it'd only be doable inmost classrooms if you could get parents to each donate a small ball of yarn, because this could get very expensive. I've never seen yarn at my dollarstore, so I'd be looking at at least $2 a student, and that adds up too quickly.

2. Painted Pebbles
Emer made these to use a classroom rewards. I could definitely see myself doing this next year.

I can also imagine my students enjoying painting small rocks for art. Maybe give each student four, and they have to paint the life cycle of a butterfly, or whatever we're studying?

3. Fraction Stations
I think Emer is using the term Stations the way I would use Centres?
 In anycase, this is a great resource to teach/review fractions with your elementary aged students. I love how hands on all 8 cards are!

4. Big Scale Art
I'll be honest and say I've seen this before, but I love how this art project is collaborative.  Just divide up a picture,and have students recreate it in a larger scale. It's beautiful Emer!

5. Authors Box
I like the idea to keep all your class created books together in a dedicated box. I think this one is cute!

THERE were so MANY more great ideas that Emer shared, but since many of them weren't Emer's, I didn't think it would be fair to share someone else's resources, but definitely go to the Blog and see ALL the ideas shared there, there are some really good ones!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Your Weekly lol 16

How long into the year until you should worry if kids are still using their fingers? What about their toes?

Time to introduce counters or a number line!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday School: Making the World a better Place (and the missing pictures)

This past Sunday, my class was learning the lesson from one of the more difficult passages in the bible.

Mark 13: 1-8
In this passage, Jesus Teaches his disciples that even that most well built buildings will not last forever. That an end must come to everything on this Earth. That a New Day is coming.

To help my kids try to understand the story, our curriculum wanted us to trace out a large stone on a wall with yarn and then hand out paper cut into the shape of rocks to write on them things that are on Earth now, and that must be gone in order for his New Day to arrive.

I took a piece of the largest paper in the supply closet and drew on it a series of rocks before the class came down.

Together we brainstormed things to put in the squares:
Bad Weather (because I didn't want to fill the wall with just Hurricanes, tornadoes, etc)

I wrote all these with a black/brown marker.

Then we got out three bright colours, and covered those bad things with the Good things WE can do to help bring God's New Day:
Be Friendly

Next, I handed out Cube Nets to my kiddos.
They wrote on one face "God's New Day", and on the other Five they wrote some ways they need to remember to be/do to help God bring us his New Day.

And as promised a Week ago, her is the wall I forgot to photograph before to share. (I'm going to edit the previous post to include these pictures):

This wall has all my posters (the Litergical year- 3 versions, the books of the Bible, and the Lord's Prayer), as well as my Alphabet from this site. You can see on the close up, that my class is keeping track of four things. We just started a few weeks ago.
Our church collects Can tabs to send to a gentleman who uses them to buy wheelchairs for the needy.
We of course donate food to the food bank.
Through the Canadian Bible Society we collect dimes to help buy Bibles. Technically, the society doesn't do this program anymore, but we still collect the dimes and donate them to their missions.
And we collect stamps for the Leprosy Mission.

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