Monday, January 7, 2013

Blogger Feature: Think all Night... Teach all Day

Today I share the fourth Entry in my 100 followers celebration. 

Yeah! I have 102, thank you for joining me ladies!

I'm still looking for 6 more link ups who would LOVE to be featured on my blog before I'll share the new Freebies I've been working on with you, and HOARDING for awhile now!

My new feature is Think all Night, teach all day.
Deanna blogs from beautiful California (at least, I assume it's beautiful, I've never been there, but all my the movies and TV shows shot their are awesome!) and teaches first grade. I originally found her through Whole Brain teaching, which you should definitely check out!

As planned, here are my favourite ideas from the blog, in no particular order:

1. Her Super Improvers Wall for classroom management. Students compete with themselves for improvement.

2. Her class allowed a pumpkin to decompose for science after Halloween. How smart!

3. I love hands on science experiments, so I am definitely a fan of how she did this colour activity:

Please check Deanna out and follow her so she'll continue to share her awesome classroom ideas, both from Whole Brain teaching and otherwise.

Who will be my next feature? It should be you!!! (Click the first link in this post to go to the linky to sign up)

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