Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Education in the News: January 2013

I'm hoping to make this a monthly feature on my blog, with short summaries, and links to the applicable news articles. Tell me what you think, please!~

I know there were a  TON more stories, but I only decided to do this monthly feature after the month was more than half over. Forgive me?

99 Year old teacher with no plans to retire
This remarkable lady teaches cooking, sewing and costume making in New Jersey. Her students call her Granny, isn't that adorable?

Teacher in trouble over duct-taping
This teacher reportedly handed out pieces of duct tape to her students to repair their text books, and they put the tape over their own mouths becaus ethey thought it was funny. The teacher may be fired over the posting of the photo she took.

Reprimand for paper gun?
I feel that this incident was a bit of an over reaction. The student brought a paper gun to school, and when realizing she still had it, she threw it out, but she still got yelled at by her teacher who told her she could go to jail. What about the kid who was a tattle tale and took it out of the garbage? Shouldn't he punished as well for trying to get a classmate in trouble? This kid didn't threaten anyone with the paper, all she did was throw it in the garbage. In my opinion, this was a bit ridiculous.

MaryJane tweeting teacher
I wonder if some teachers miss the session in teachers college where they tell you to be aware of your social image and to be careful what you post online? She shouldn't have allowed these pictures to have been taken, let alone shared. I know you shouldn't lose your job over your life outside school, but she also has an image to uphold, and she is supposed to be an example to her students. She says her friends posted them, but even if that is true, I wouldn't want someone who smokes dope for fun to be in charge of MY daughters well being, would you?

Canada ordered to provide ALL residential school documents
I know many of you are in the US, so I don't know if you even HAD residential schools, so this article may confuse you. If you're unaware of them, a residential school was where the Federal government ordered native children to attend school and tried to force them to assiminate into western culture, and lose their own culture and language. All the infomation the government has on the schools and the 150,000 students who attended is now available for the investigation and to help with healing and reconcilliation.

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