Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kudos to the tweeting teacher genious!

Have you seen this?

I saw this story in my buzzfeed this week, and had to share. I think it's a brilliant idea to review spelling and grammar with your class, and connect it to real celebrities they idolize so they review feels important.

Step one: Identify a favourite sport in your classroom. In this case, football (or was it because this week is Superbowl?)

Step Two: Identify several players who also tweet regularly.

Step Three: Go over recent tweets by these celebrities for spelling and grammar errors.

Step Four: Print out one tweet per page to distribute to your class in pairs or small groups. I recommend doing this activity 3 times: Once in a group with one type of celebrity, once in pairs with another type, and finally by themselves for a final type. Possibly spread throughout the three terms of the year?

Step: Have your grammar sleuths present their findings to the class.

I really REALLY want to remember this idea, so I've pinned it.

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