Friday, March 1, 2013

Education in the News: February 2013

Two boards, One Bus program
Two boards in Edmonton, Alberta are considering sharing their buses in order to save money. One is Catholic, and the other is public. I wonder at the logistics of this though. Would all the kids get on the buses at the same time, and get off at their respective schools, or will they stagger the start times to use them separately  I can't see how that would save them any money over the current system, so it's probably the first option?
Has your board tried anything similar?

Suspended from School for Hair colour
When I heard this story, I assumed it was green or pink or flag red or lilac or... well you get the picture. But that wasn't the case. In this Utah school, the student in question dyed her hair auburn- a hair colour which occurs naturally. But her school decided that it didn't look natural on her, and told her she had to redye her hair a natural colour before she could return to class. I know what you're thinking, it must be a private school. Wrong again.

Shortened Week?
In another cost cutting measure, again in Alberta, but this time in Fort McMurray, a board is considering slightly lengthening their school day Four days a week and removing Friday from the school week. The Catholic board in the same city has already done this and has saved over 600, 000 in the two years since they started the initiative.

Teachers promise a trip to Disney, turns out it was a prank
One of the teachers involved believed their personal materials were being refilled through by students, and this prank was the punishment to the entire grade. VERY bad judgement! There would have been a better way to get your point across that you shouldn't be going through the teachers desk than this mean spirited trick.

Teacher went through students belongings
And the exact opposite happened in California. In this case, a teacher was believed to be going through the students stuff. Students were not believed by administration, so this smart student took it upon herself to catch the thief in action. I don't care that she was filming her teacher without permission, in this case it was the right thing to do, because that teacher is a HORRIBLE example of a teacher. We should be examples to our students of pious behaviour, not petty crime.

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  1. I'm from a small community with three elementary schools and two high schools. The French Catholic, English Catholic and English Public systems. The kids all take the same busses. The schools have adjusted their morning and afternoon bells accordingly so that kids can get off at their school without being late. It works great. I also grew up in an even smaller community and the schools were an hour away (by bus) because we stopped everywhere and at the different schools for pick ups and drop offs.


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