Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Squiggle Art

One thing I have used MANY times in the classroom, both as a substitute teacher, and as a classroom teacher when I had my own class, is squiggle art.

Are you familiar with this activity? It's pretty simple.

Students look at a squiggle they've been given, and turn it around and around until they see something they can create out of it.

Sometimes I give a theme, like a monster at Halloween, or something to do with a science or social studies unit, but the choice is yours.

For a connection to language arts, I have my students write a short story to accompany their found squiggle art.

To make it easier next time in the classroom (My fingers are crossed I find a job for September!), I created this collection of 116 squiggles. Some are really easy, and others are complicated, so they should be good for a wide range of grades. Here is a preview:

It's only $3 for 116 squiggles! On Sale for $1 for a limited time!

I'll be adding a collection of more simple squiggles in a few days.

What do you think?

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