Monday, April 1, 2013

Education in the News: March 2013

I found some WEIRD ones this month...

Quebec government changes plan to have mandatory half year English Immersion
The previous government announced this new program which would have seen every francophone student in the province have English immersion for half of grade six. The new government has said that it will not be mandatory, but schools can still do it if they wish. Completely voluntary. I think this program would have been great. I understand that the nationalist party in Quebec is worried that it's people are losing their language and culture from exposure to English, but I believe that they still need to have a good grasp of English which Immersion will help so they can get awesome jobs as adults. GOvernment jobs often require both languages, and for many large businesses, English is a common language across borders.

Confiscated Cupcakes?
A student brought cupcakes to school , but because his mother had decorated them with toy soldiers, they were confiscated by staff due to the violent nature. They were allowed to be served after the mother said to remove the soldiers. This is aking anti-gun violence too far. The guns were on soldiers, who these students would have spent time talking about how soldiers help defend our countries. It could have been a teachable moment, instead of the debate that made the international news.

Truancy Officers in action
In Wales parents are still actively fined by truancy officers for failing to send their children to school. Not only are they fined, but in 2011 there were 500 court cases. I don't even know if there are any public jurisdictions in Canada or the US where truancy officers are part of the education landscape, although I understand there are a couple native reserves who employ this method. Does the fear of fines or public embarrassment do any good to send students to school?

EW! Teacher in Oslo (a substitute?) allowed students to touch and taste her blood sample

Teacher donates Kidney to former student 
Not as weird as it sounds. A teacher whose own child had received much needed platelets through donation, vowed she would return the favour when she could. During a parent teacher interview  she learned she was a match for this former student, and voila! I don't know if I COULD donate a kidney to anyone bu my own daughter, not because I don't want to help, but because I'd be afraid Id need it myself later, or one of my kids would, and I wouldn't have it anymore.

Teacher busted for photoshopping pictures of students
Okay, so it's one thing for a responsible teacher blogger to blur faces or completely cover the faces of our students using photoshop, paint, or another program. But this teacher pasted students faces on naked bodies. I don't know what he was thinking, but I'm thinking pervert!

And that's just the stories I liked best from March. I can't wait to see what I find for April.

And because I hate not to have an image in a blog post, here's my daughter enjoying her second Easter (13 months old):
Ignore the ugly bruise over her eye, she tripped and fell into something at the sitters last week, poor little munchkin.

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