Thursday, May 2, 2013

Education in the News: April

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So this case the student was protesting against having to write this standardized test, when there was another he deemed more important to study for. While I agree that in some districts there are too many tests, it is not up to the students to decide which one should carry more weight. Doing this to this test or any other, could have an effect on his education, and the funding his school receives for his senior year.
In this sweet story, the teacher realized she had used the wrong pronouns when referring to a transgender student, and instead of ignoring it, she apologized by secretly passing a note to acknowledge the mistake to the student. I think this is great, it made it clear to the student that the teacher wasn't trying to deny the students sexuality, but that the choice of pronouns was simple human error.
This story originally made the news when a teacher was fired for giving out 0's to students who had failed to pass in work. I understand the reasoning behind no 0's, that students should be graded on their knowledge and completed work, but I agree that 0's are necessary. If a student does spectacularly on one assignment  and that is all he passes in all year, should he receive an A for the year? Obviously not, because he did't meet all the standards, and the 0's allow the teacher to accurately tally up how much of the year the student learned.
HOWEVER, when a student is on an IEP or similar, then of course the no 0 rule can apply! IMO.
Big news locally this last month was the suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons which was  a direct result of bullying stemming from an alleged rape. I'm not going o debate whether the sex was consensual or not, the boys know the truth, and so did Rehtaeh. However, she was bullied at school by a picture sent through texts and Facebook, and everywhere she went, the kids from school taunted her. This constant bullying ended finally when she couldn't take it any longer, and chose to take her own life to end it. Lots of newscasts have suggested that something has to be done, and I agree. But it's too late for this poor girl. We need to step up our anti-bullying education in school, and make it clear to our students that teasing hurts!
Accidental violence on the playground at a private school has four and a half years later resulted in a civil court case. A student was piggyback riding a classmate, when another pushed them, causing the girls to fall down. The one on top broke her arm, and she's the one who brought forth the suit. I agree that the boy should have been more careful, and that the students should have been supervised on the playground, but a civil court case may have been excessive. Was the boy given detention or suspended in 2008? Because that should have been enough. We have great health care in Canada, so she shouldn't have had huge medical bills for the broken arm that he could have to pay for.
This one is a bit ridiculous.
Before you start school, your parents have to provide proof of immunizations to the school before your enrollment. Then as you go through school you get more shots, I personally had my 15 year booster AT school. These students were suspended because they didn't have proof of their immunizations. I wonder if maybe having the shots at school would have done the trick?

Thoughts on any of these articles?

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