Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What do you call your daily silent reading time?

As a student in the early 90's, my junior high (middle school to most of you, but it was 7-9) had silent reading every day right after lunch before the first afternoon class.

Our school called it USSR- Un-Sustained Silent Reading.

I've also had a lot of schools call it DEAR- Drop Everything And Read.
My first student teacher placement had it called OTTER- Our time To Enjoy Reading
I've heard of SQUIRT- Super Quiet Uninterrupted Independent Reading Time
How about WEIRD?- We Enjoy Silent Reading Daily
ZYLAR- Zip Your Lips And Read
FUR- Free Uninterrupted Reading
DIRT- Daily Independent Reading Time
WEB- We Enjoy Reading
FVR- Free Voluntary Reading
POWER- Positive Outcomes While Enjoying Reading
HIP- High Intensity Practice

I found a long list of Silent Reading acronyms on Google docs, is yours on the list?

I'm thinking this week that if I do a Superhero classroom next time I have one, I'd maybe like my silent reading to be themed.

I like the idea of POWER, but I'm not sure I like what it means.
Instead of  Positive Outcomes While Enjoying Reading, how about:
Practicing Our Wonderful Exciting Reading?

What about HERO?
Helping Everyone Read Outstandingly?

What do you call it?

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