Thursday, July 4, 2013

Free Superhero Newsletter template

I'm busy preparing products for my new class, and since one of the questions during my phone interview was ways I'd involve parents in the life of the class, and I answered that  one thing I'd do was send home monthly newsletters, I figured I should have a template ready for when I get my schedule.

Unusual for me, I'm sharing this as a word document so that you can more easily insert text boxes into each section to input the month and information.

You can use any font you choose, but I like these two best (today, hehehe)

I'm going to include my months spelling lists as well as special notes and requests from me, and dates to remember such as holidays, guest speakers, parent visitation, project due dates.

Yes, I realize (belatedly) that I included my name at the top, but you can easily put an opaque text box over the title and put whatever works for you in your favourite font of the moment.

Here's a sneak peak:

Just click on the picture to go to my google drive.

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