Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly Friday Feature #1: Lovin' Kindergarten with Mrs. Lindsey

I'm celebrating gaining followers again on BlogLovin. As of when I writing this first feature I have 77 followers. Blogger says I have 112, but no one uses that to follow anymore, so it's not a real number, is it? Plus, I don't actually have ANY idea how many followers I or any of you have because not everyone moved to Bloglovin', some of us chose Feedly or another feeder...

But I digress...

I'm celebrating my quickly (for me) raising number of followers with a new weekly feature. If you'd like to be included, please fill out  this little survey. HERE.

I will share as part of these features a link to your blog, your best TpT product (according to you), your most popular freebie and approximately 5 of my favourite ideas I find on your blog.

The first up?
Lovin' Kindergarten with Mrs. Lindsey
The lovely Lindsey was my first to respond, so I'm doing her the honour of being my first feature.

Lovin’ Kindergarten With Mrs. Lindsey

Mrs. Lindsey says her best paid TpT product is her All Year Long! - Morning Messages {Bundle of a Year's Worth of Morning Messages}

She provides in this pack: messages to share with your class for the whole year through. For example, in her Superhero pack one of the morning messages is:
If you were a Superhero, how would you get around? 
Students are provided with writing templates to answer each daily question. A great way to combine your morning message with writing activities and skills from the very start of the day!

Her most popular Freebie she believes is her I Have...Who Has...Colors and Color Words cards. I like these!
This is your typical I have who has activity I was introduced to while student teaching almost ten years ago, but back then everyone was just using math equations. I absolutely adore all these new ideas to extend to the younger grades and other skill sets like colours.

And now onto what great ideas I found while strolling through her wonderful blog.

Note to bloggers: It is really SUPER hard to choose just five ideas of yours to share!

1. I think it was so cute that when her class was studying the Lorax by Dr. Suess they wore Lorax Moustaches, lol!

2. One of her Language Arts centres uses clothes pins "Clippys" because it helps with fine motor skills. Her free sample at page went to a dead end, but I think I get the idea. Maybe students have to clip together matches? In any case, it looks great!

3. On Earth day her class made a cloud chart showing what kind of world they dream of us some day having. They had so many ideas, it overflowed off the paper onto the whiteboard behind!

4. I like how before Saint Patrick's Day her class made a chart deciding what of three spring Holidays was their favourite and when Easter (hello Chocolate) was the clear winner, the "Leprechaun" that trashed their classroom made it clear that he didn't like their choice.

5. Her achievement badges! What a brilliant way to avoid sugary rewards. Students wear these when they earn special rewards.

Stay tuned to see who I feature next week!

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