Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly Friday Feature #3: Diary of a First Year Teacher

This post was pre-scheduled as I am actually on the road somewhere between Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.

I'm celebrating my quickly (for me) raising number of followers with a new weekly feature. If you'd like to be included, please fill out  this little survey. HERE.

I will share as part of these features a link to your blog, your best TpT product (according to you), your most popular freebie and approximately 5 of my favourite ideas I find on your blog.

Third up?
Diary of a First Year Teacher
Diary of a First Year Teacher

Did you know that Bloglovin' actually lists 4 different blogs with the same name?

Meredith says her most popular paid TPT product is her Poetry Blooms.
This super cute activity includes a bunch of activities for students to work on a variety of poetry styles within a framework.

Her most popular Freebie is her Money Centres.
The first page won't do me much good since I need Canadian Money and we've done away with the penny, but it's really well done for any of you who teach money in the US. However, all of he other pages could be used in here!

And now onto what great ideas I found while strolling through her wonderful blog.

Note to bloggers: It is really SUPER hard to choose just five ideas of yours to share!

1. She allows her students to have Free play with their math manipulatives (something I love too), because it helps them to acquire (unknowingly), a sense of their values, and relationships to each other.

2. I've seen these around elsewhere, but I always love Story Starters. Have you seen these popsicle stick/tongue depressor story starters? May I suggest, If I were a Superhero...? I must rememeber to make these later in the year when my firsties are ready.

3. How about this adorable class piggy bank as part of their classroom economy? I haven't seen anything like this one before.

4. Not her idea, but thanks to her blog, I now know that cuisinare rods can be used to teach reading, huh? Yeah, exactly, but it's pretty fascinating. Kids learn to identify letter sounds by their colours, and can decode difficult words based solely on the colour of the rods.

5. I love that when her class disagreed with a decision that effcted the whole school (about Fun Day), they wrote a letter to the principal to explain their feelings and to suggest a compromise. What a great way to practice letter writing skills and persuasive writing!

I hope you enjoyed this little visit, and decide to check out more of her awesome blog.

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