Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Friday Feature #4: An Apple a Day in First Grade

Note: I am actually pre-scheduling this post as I will have just arrived at my new home in Northern Saskatchewan, and may not have internet set up yet, nor will I have time with all the unpacking to do done and setting up both a new home and classroom!

I'm celebrating my quickly (for me) raising number of followers with a new weekly feature. If you'd like to be included, please fill out  this little survey. HERE.

I will share as part of these features a link to your blog, your best TpT product (according to you), your most popular freebie and approximately 5 of my favourite ideas I find on your blog.

Fourth Up?
An Apple a day in First Grade. Karen is new to TPT, but still full of valuable ideas.

She says she doesn't have a most popular product yet, since she's just started out on TPT.

However, her most popular Freebie is Her What's my Number activity. Students get three practice sheets for place value practice. Looks great for starting out. certainly better than my products.

And now onto what great ideas I found while strolling through her wonderful blog.

Note to bloggers: It is really SUPER hard to choose just five ideas of yours to share!

1. I actually love this Freebie better. It`s not in TPT, but that doesn`t matter to me!
She has these plain templates you can print on any other patterned or coloured paper to make your own banner for your classroom. Like these READ letters she made for her Library.

2. She had her students learn about fact and opinion by writing about vegetables.

3. What cute chairs in her reading area.

4. Her students measured their feet using a variety on non-standard units. Love these, are they pickles?

5. This cute Freebie reminder poster for students who like to share answers before others have had a chance to figure it out. I may need this!
I hope you've found something you like here. Hopefully I'll be back on the computer in time to make a new posting for August 30th. Stay tuned!

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