Monday, October 14, 2013


As part of number concepts, I'm trying to help some students be able to count past seven , and others to have a grasp of the difference between the numbers, while others are just having trouble reading the number words, so we're doing a ton of different activities trying to get everyone up to date.

This week one activity had the kiddos using our blocks to make sticks representing the numbers from 1-15 (because that's how many would fit on our large paper).

I tried of course to divide my groups so there would be kiddos of various abilities in each group, but still two groups finished really fast, and so I had them help the other groups. One group however, continued to defy me and tried to make ALL of their sticks all blue, lol. I know they thought it was cool, but the activity could have taken HALF the time if they'd paid no attention to colour.

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