Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day in my class 2013

 Every year across Canada, the school day before Remembrance day (some places may have school on the actual day in Ontario I think), students participate in an act of remembrance. At my new school, this is a whole school K-12 assembly in the high school gym. Each class presents a wreath, cross or other item to put on the cenotaph. My class created these super cute coffee filter poppies (inspired by pinterest).

To make I water down some red paint and each student painted two filters. We allowed to dry over night (twice after school I loosed from the paper to ensure they wouldn't tear in the morning).

Once dry each student was handed two random folded filters to cut the corners off to give the illusion of petals.

 These were them glued together and a black poppy centre with their name in the middle was applied to the top. These were allowed to dry overnight again to be put on the wreath in the morning.

Friday morning before our assembly with the help of a few students, we glued, crunched, and stapled for extra strength the poppies to the cardboard oval I'd prepared. We added a few leaves to bare spots to fill it out nicely. What do you think?

While we were assembling the wreath, my students coloured and read their ten little poppies Emergent readers. For some of my class it was too easy, but it was an excellent review for those who are still struggling with the lower numbers.

After the assembly we continued our math review with this double sided number match page from my Remembrance day activity sheet pack. My kids did really well counting. They used a variety of strategies to make sure they didn't miscount the poppies. This girl checked them off, another crossed them out, and several circled them. Such great thinking!

 Today at home I had my daughter colour a page I hadn't included to share with her grandfather (a veteran himself). We posted this picture online of her colouring it so he would be sure to see it tomorrow since we're several provinces away.

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