Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some centre activities

I'm trying  to expand our centres more and have been trying a lot of different things. Those that are a success will repeat, and those that are failures will not make a return appearance.

My kids match these letter magnets to the same letter on this large card.

I found this collection of sight word pages in our staff room bookshelf and incorporated them into a centre.

Sight word flash cards. Look at the picture to read the word to your partner.

This letter trace activity is because so many of my kids make letters and numbers backwards, and/or forget to make letters as tall as they should be.

Blocks will always be a favourite activity during our centres. You are always guaranteed one "fun" centre.

I inherited these laminated sheets from the previous first grade teacher in my room. My kids love any read the room activity because they get to move around.

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  1. Do you teach letter sounds and blending? Looks like you're having fun up there!


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