Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekly Friday Feature #6: Teaching Times 2

I'm celebrating my quickly (for me) raising number of followers with a new weekly feature. If you'd like to be included, please fill out  this little survey. HERE. Please  for your blog name include a link to your blog to make it easier for me to find you, thanks!

I will share as part of these features a link to your blog, your best TpT product (according to you), your most popular freebie and approximately 5 of my favourite ideas I find on your blog.

The sixth up?

Teaching Times 2

Kristy and Misty are a pair of lovely ladies from Tennessee.

They say that their best TPT product is Hundreds Chart Hidden Picture - Wizard of Oz which they sell for $3. I think this really cute. I may buy it in the spring when we do the numbers to 100 unit in math.
Hundreds Chart Hidden Picture - Wizard of Oz
They also believe their most popular freebie is their Fact family practice sheet. It's a cute game to help students figure out all the ways their numbers make the family.
Fact Family Practice Sheet

Now onto my favourite finds from their blog:

1.  I wish I thought of this back when it was Thanksgiving in October. What a cute way to practice graphs, vote, and talk about taste for Science all in one little seasonal activity!

 2. Oh what a creative Halloween bulletin board!

3. What a cute classroom reward, warm fuzzies! And they're so easy to make. too. GOT TO ADD THESE to my list.

4. We're currently doing a short Dr. Suess author study, so I find this Bulletin board cuter than cute!

5. Macaroni Snowglobes? Awesome!

6. decorate your paper-towel dispenser? Sure!

I think I have to keep watching this blog, especially for Bulletin boards, these are awesome!

Thanks for letting me feature you!


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    1. Thanks so much for featuring us on your blog- we are super excited!!!
      Kristy & Misty Teaching Times 2


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