Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekly Feature #7: Students of History.

Seventh Up?
Students of History
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Students of History is geared towards older grades, but I will do my best to feature them fairly!

Their best paid product on TPT is Daily Warm Up Questions for US History which is sold for 9.99. It's a complete years worth of Bellwork all on American history. A pretty awesome package for those teaching that subject!
Daily Warm Up Questions for US History

The most popular freebie is President Abraham Lincoln Letter Worksheet which seems like a good writing activity.
President Abraham Lincoln Letter Worksheet

Now on to the good ideas I like on the blog. I may have a hard time for two reasons, I teach first grade, and I'm Canadian, but let's see what's there!

1. Extra credit passes they can redeem instead of going to the washroom!

2.WAY WAY WAY too hard for my firsties, but what a great Superhero activity!

Yup, most of the ideas are ads for TPT, which is fine, but aren't really usable for me.

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