Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Ready for Grade One 001

The first product I have created specifically for this fall is nothing special, but it will form a piece of my year long assessment of my firsties, so I thought I'd share.

At the first of every month (or maybe near the fifteenth, I'm not sure, we'll see what happens), I plan to have each student print their name on this assessment sheet so we can together see how their penmanship improves over the course of their grade One year.

I know I've seen other teachers share similar products, so I don't feel comfortable selling it.

I've used one of my comic book style fonts so it will fit in with my Superhero theme, without being overtly heroish to scare away other teachers who may be interested in this idea.

I've created these primarily for myself. My new school runs ten months out of the year, starting in September I think (I know I have to report by the 26th), but I've created extras for those of you whose schools start in August and those who work in a year round school.

Please enjoy!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Superheros on Twitter

As you may have guessed or maybe you read it in a previous post, when I teach this fall I'll be decorating with a Superhero theme in mind. As it gets closer to the date I'll start posting pictures of my room and resources I create and gather from other teachers.

I'm hoping that other teachers using a Superhero theme this year (or in past years?) would be interested in sharing their ideas on twitter?

I started a Hashtag today for us:

Here are my first tweets, but of course more will follow:

Of course I hope this will become a real conversation with other teachers where we can share resources and modifications to this theme, and whatever else seems related. Join my conversation!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bad Blogger with GREAT news!

So.... I didn't get the update to the Booking across Canada posted until now. I've been busy and tired, but I have great news!

I've had several phone interviews the last few weeks for jobs in western Canada, and I am proud to announce that I have been offered and accepted a position teaching grade One for next year in Northern Saskatchewan in a Metis settlement.

This is a huge change for my little family, but we are very excited.

Now onto your long waited for Booking Across Canada Party update:

Each link has been updated to include the exact page of the blog sharing content. Warning, some of the free content offered by our participants was only offered for a short time. I wish they had opted to share it until the end of the school year, but at least you still get a look at their chosen books!

Also, some of the teachers who expressed interest in participating, seem to have been very busy with end of school activities, and haven't shared their awesome ideas yet. I hope you will still post your ideas and send me your link or comment including your link so I can add you to our growing database!

Also there is a linky that another lovely teacher posted if you'd like to add your contribution there. Thanks Brittany!

14 great resources to date, please check out all our partipants great ideas.

Thank you ladies!

Newfoundland and Labrador: None Confirmed
Kemble @ Primary Flynn (not yet posted)
New Brunswick: None Confirmed
Prince Edward Island: Krystal @ Lessons from the Middle
2 peas and a Dog (none posted yet)
Middlehood Madness (none posted yet)
Manitoba: Sara Kerr @
Saskatchewan: None Confirmed
Lee Fisher @ Homeschool Canada (possibly-none yet)
Yukon: None Confirmed
Northwest Territories: None Confirmed

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Booking Across Canada party. Nova Scotia: How Summer Came to Canada

Welcome to the main post for the Booking across Canada party. On this page, you will see links to the blog pages of each confirmed participant if I could find their blog.

As I am working on the day of the party, I will update the list with direct links to the posts on Sunday, but you should be easily able to find their posts as they go live.

At the bottom half of the page you will find my contributions to our event.

To the bloggers participating, please add links to your posts in the comments incase my reader is not working to make it easier for me to find your books and freebies.

Newfoundland and Labrador: None Confirmed
New Brunswick: None Confirmed
Prince Edward Island: Krystal @ Lessons from the Middle
Manitoba: Sara Kerr @
Saskatchewan: None Confirmed
Yukon: None Confirmed
Northwest Territories: None Confirmed

And now for my chosen book:

How Summer Came to Canada

The Native peoples of Eastern Canada are the Micmacs. This short book tells one of their tales about Glooscap (their creator?) and and how he helped to bring Summer to Canada (and by extension Spring and Fall)

Game/Phys. Ed:
Do you know how to play red light-green light? In this version, students try to get to the other side when Summer is called, but must be frozen when Winter is called. I call this Summer-Winter, lol.

Throughout the book students can see the artist didn't draw or paint the pages, but instead used torn paper and bits of nature. So for this activity, students will use a variety of media to create a picture.
Take a large sheet of construction paper/art paper and fold in half. On the top or bottom of each side print clearly either Summer or Winter.
Have students collect twigs, and glue one on each side.
On the side labelled Winter, students may add additional smaller twigs to show the branches of the tree. Perhaps use cotton balls for snow in the trees and on the ground? Use torn white paper to make snow drifts on the ground.
On the side labelled Summer, students may glue bits of leaves torn, or torn green papers to show the tree in summer. Also, colours may be added to show flowers.

Language Arts
Have students take the part of Winter or Summer and write a letter to the other (or Glooscap) and tell them about what the land is like in their absence.

Have students put the four seasons in the medicine wheel, and draw arcs around the outside to show when Summer and Winter are present in the land.

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