Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Overdue Classroom Management post

I'll be honest, I am still trying desperately to figure out what will work for a couple of my students, but for the most part. the following plan is working with the majority of my class.

1. Since September I have been using a Super cute Superhero clip-chart, but I don't think I'm utilizing as well as I can. It seems mostly to be used just as incentive for helping out in the classroom, not just to reinforce good behaviour. I'm hoping I can make better use of it as the third quarter continues.

2. Meet our "Stuffy" collection. The stuffies decide which desk they'll sit at based on general rule following. Even my most difficult to manage students seem to want them, as they have been caught taking from other students desks a few times.

3. Similar to the warm fuzzies I've seen in other teachers classrooms, my students are collecting 10 points from compliments we receive from other staff and visiting adults. Once we've received 10 points on our POW board we receive a full class reward, such as a pajama party, popcorn party, dance party, etc.

4. We have a daily Mystery Hero. If the mystery hero is observed following the rules and generally not being a bully, they win the class a prize, sometimes gummy bears, sometimes something fun to do.  They also get their name on the back of our door. If they do not win the prize, their name is not revealed so to not embarrass them.

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