Saturday, February 15, 2014

Postcards for 100th day coming in!

I'm very excited for this project!

I think next year though to help avoid the stress of wondering if we'll actually RECEIVE 100 postcards from around the world I'll arrange a postcard exchange. Would you be interested in doing this next year?


So far we have received a total of 11 postcards.

I took a picture of the first five on Thursday.
I COMPLETELY forgot to take pictures of the messages on the back... So I'll leave an empty slot here until I go back in to school.

As We were leaving school on Friday I was handed SIX more lovely postcards. Which since they came home with me, I am able to take pictures of our wonderful messages.

Based on When I was told a postcard was being sent from New York, and this is the first postcard from New York We've received, I'm going to assume this lovely card from "Erie Canal" is from Kinders in New York. Check out her Facebook page!

 We ARE cold, it's often -40Celsius here BEFORE the windchill.

Thank you to everyone! I wish I could post pictures of my kids enjoying the cards, but so far I only have pictures where you can see their faces, and I have a strict no faces rule. Keep watching though, they'll be some come the 100th day of school on February 25th!

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