Friday, February 28, 2014

We didn't get 100, but we're still happy with all the love!

If you've been following me, you know I was trying to collect 100 postcards to help celebrate my classes 100th day of school this week. It was a hectic week and so we didn't get to do much with the cards yet, so they're coming back out next week for a few activities.

Here was my request for cards
and the first 11 cards,

If you sent a card and it's not pictured here, maybe I'll get it this week. Mail is slow in the north.

Here are the remaining 16:

I want to thank all the friends, family and strangers who tried to help my class see how big 100 is by sending us postcards. I enjoyed it!

 This one is from one of my best teacher friends and her family. Our kids were born only 4 weeks apart!

This one comes from a teacher in my home province who's lucky enough to find one of the few teaching jobs, even if it is a job share! I'd have killed for one to be able to stay home, but I wouldn't trade my current job, lol. Thanks Ms. Collins!

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