Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kandoo is Kool!

Yup, on purpose spelling mistake and all!

So today this was my class:

It of course, made me the BEST TEACHER EVER!
I received SO many hugs and "I love you, teacher"s today, lol.

So how did this happen? back in December I wrote on the company's Facebook Page.

I, of course, immediately replied to their message with this email:

I figured it would be another long wait, since it had been several weeks since my original post...

So fast!

And then I waited...

Yesterday I received this lovely box:

I opened it and found 15 packages and 17 capes!
Each package included these wonderful surprises for my kiddies:
5 tattoos, a "What's your Super power" pin, a wipe, colouring page and a coupon for their moms!

I opened a cape to see what it looked like and put it on my husband:
Not his colour, he prefers Batman.

Our daughter checked it out but decided there was no way she was going to allow us to put it on her. However, it was okay to put on her dolly and make her fly across the room and land on the floor.

She was a little confused why the dog wouldn't let her put it on. 

So today I brought the rest to school and my kids were ecstatic!

Thank you so much Kandoo!

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