Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wow, busy night! Three new products ready.

So last night I finally finished up and posted three products from my long list of unfinished products (and those needing a freshening up).

I posted these great products. Very recently I shared my new colour posters for next year, and last night I shared my shape posters! I actually posted two very similar versions.

Here's a sneak peek. I like the black version better I think, but when I shared a sample page on my Facebook Fan page for help, half my respondents preferred the grey, so I made both!

And the third product I've been stressing over for a long time, and had hope to have it finished it time for the product swap this month, but didn't finally like it until last night.
This I'm really proud of. It's a Fry's first one hundred activity bundle, including flashcards, game cards, dominoes and dice. I'm hoping to eventually also add Bingo cards, and I have who has, but I'm thinking I'll make the second hundred first.

Which would you prefer?

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