Monday, May 19, 2014

Slap Hands in Action!

Have you seen my Slap Hands?
Dolch Slap hands: Complete Bundle

I've been putting 3 up (one from each of the first three levels) each day since we got back from Easter break. I plan on continuing EVERY SINGLE DAY until summer vacation. THis is partly review for the students who know the words and lots of practice for my kiddos at a variety of levels.

After the day is over I"d been putting them up on the back of my door so students can still access them. Next year when I start using these at the beginning of the year I'll only be "slapping" a set a week instead of a day.

Last week I loved them off the door onto the wall so they can be more easily used for a stamping centre during guided reading.

My kids love these, and the firsties across the hall keep coming and slapping them too!

The pre-primer set is a Forever Freebie!
Dolch Slap hands: Pre-Primer

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