Sunday, June 15, 2014

Canadian Product and Idea Blog Hop!

Are you Canadian or teach about Canada or use a lot of books by our very awesome authors?

Please consider taking part in the Canada Day weekend Blog Hop!

Here is the text of the email I sent to those who participated last year or who showed other interest on my Survey monkey:

Sorry for the end of year delay!
My First year back in the classroom and with a busy two year old doesn't give much time for blogging in the evenings after she goes to bed.

So some of you filled out my little survey and indicated some interest in participating in a blog-hop-free-for-all celebrating ideas specific to the Canadian Classroom.

Some of you participated last year in My "Booking Across Canada" event. This is similar but different.

We will have a linky where each person can link up to my blog post with THEIR blog post which shares an idea or Freebie that other teachers in Canada would love to have. You may also share your TPT or Notebook products, but I hope you'll be a good stereotypical Canadian and follow the rules to include a usable Freebie  

The linky Code for When your blog Post goes live should hopefully be found here (fingers crossed): or here:

Please share in the time leading up to Canada Day Weekend on your social media that you are participating and invite others to link up as well!

My post will go LIVE on June 28th so you can begin linking up before Canada Day.

Any other questions please input into our shared Google Doc and I will answer as soon as possible.

The linky Code for When your blog Post goes live should hopefully be found here (fingers crossed): or here:

Since Canada Day is on A Tuesday this year, I'd like the event to run from Saturday to Wednesday. 

You will find attached a banner for TPT if you want to change it for this sale. 

The Sale can be any number of days you`re comfortable with, maybe we should see what dates their using for the fourth of July Sale and plan accordingly?

You can either reply to me here, write on my Facebook or put any questions directly into our Google Doc!

If you direct others to contribute, please give them the Google Doc so they can include their email address if they didn't receive this email!

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