Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Into school once this summer...

Just a quick post showing I'm not lazy. I've been into school once so far this August and rearranged some of the furniture in my new room. Hopefully I'll be going back this afternoon to figure out some more stuff.

Here's a 360 of the whole room. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Things I'm excited about with this move to the room next door:
1. the risers in the corner are perfect for story time and Daily Five.
2. I have a fridge and a stove which means I don't have to remember to go back to the staff room to store my lunch and I can do baked ornaments at Christmas!
3. Lots of Windows!
4. Carpet is warm under feet.

Things I'm not excited about:
1. The risers are very tempting for fooling around.
2. I have to figure out again the best/logical places to store things.
3. The Carpet should we do MESSY art with paint or sparkles or BOTH.

Stay tuned for updates as I finish.

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