Thursday, August 21, 2014

My first Educents Deal!

Can you believe it's time for back to school already? 
I'm so excited to be starting back to my second year at my wonderful school.

I wish I had some good pictures of my room so far, but I will this weekend for sure.

Do you see my 360 yesterday?

I'm continuing with my Superhero theme this year, do you do a theme?
Stay tuned for some awesome ideas I've stolen from pins on Pinterest.

As some of you know, I attended a workshop by Adrienne Gear last year. I'm really looking forward to implementing her ideas into my reading program from the start of the year this year. Great for mini-lessons and for guided reading!

Here's my Reading Power Freebie Poster on my wall last year.
I focused on Connections last year, and will start the year with it again, but I can't wait to break into my Visualizing product and start using that power as well!

I'm also jumping on the Daily Five Bandwagon this year!
 I really struggled last year finding enough time to do assessments and running records throughout my literacy block, so I'm really excited about modifying this framework for my room.

Here's some exciting news from me, I'm participating in my first ever Educents deal. Two of my most popular products were chosen to be included!

Here's the bundle:

It's Loaded with great activities like interactive notebooks, !  Literacy, math, science that stretches throughout the year!  

My product included will surely be loved by your students!

Here are the two products of mine that are included in this bundle. The Visualizing product is the one I mentioned above that I created after attending the Reading Power Workshop last year. My favourite product in it is the visualizing glasses, check it out on TPT too.

This squiggle art product is one of the earliest I uploaded to TPT and is in need of some tender loving care in terms of the cover, but the pages are still awesome and is my number one selling product outside of seasonal. Check it out on TPT too.

For a limited time it is $24.99 from Educents which is about 78% off!  24 products for  literacy, math, and science - resources that will stretch you long into your year.  And over 1200 pages of materials ready for you to use - there is sure to be tons you will love!

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!

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