Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nelson literacy, yay!

My board is making a switch to Nelson Literacy. We received our resources just this week, so it's not mandatory to use this year, but it will be next year. I know many of you are American so you've never heard of this, but that's OK. To those of you in the great white north like me, check it out! It features Canadian authors.

I'm really excited because it crosses over into 3 of our 4 Science Units and MANY of of Social Studies outcomes. It will make it much easier to cover these outcomes while giving reading the extra time it requires.

Hence My yay!

Here are my Five kits on the floor of my classroom this week:

If you clicked on the link to Nelson and did some reading, you'll notice there are actually 6 kits available for grade 1 in Canada, but our board didn't order us the missing one for good reason, the subject isn't part of grade one curriculum here! It's about Energy.

What resource do you use? Last year we used Collections, and are still expected to use a bit this year I think.


  1. Nelson Reading sounds great -- for you folks in the Great White North! I look forward to learning more about it.

  2. I have used Nelson in the past. Very helpful for the primary and junior grades. The intermediate Nelson kits do not match up with the curriculum as nicely. Looking forward to hearing more about how you used it this year.


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