Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving #1 Sentences and colouring

Canadian Thanksgiving was this weekend and before it my class learned a new song I made up last year. I call it "I like to eat". It's to the tune of apples and bananas. We start be saying we like to eat, eat, eat turkey for Thanksgiving, then we sing verses for a variety of foods they name. This year they names a few pies, corn and potatoes. I then mixed it up by singing about liking pizza for thanksgiving.

I then hand out a prepared cut out page with the words in boxes and include options for turkey, pizza and ham. I forgot about moose when I made the page this year, oops!

As you can see, my kiddos mostly chose Turkey, but ALMOST half chose pizza. None chose ham, lol. We then coloured these turkeys I found online.

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