Saturday, November 1, 2014

Final Halloween Bulletin board post 2014

Okay, so I previously posted a few different entries of Halloween/fall bulletin boards in my school, but I really wanted to share the last of them with you now that they'll be coming down really soon.

This bulletin board belongs to the lovely Kindergarten teacher across the Hall from me. The falling leaves are her AM class, and the pumpkins are here PM class. I love how she incorporates both halves of her class in her board!

This half finished (didn't know it when I took the picture) bulletin board holds the bats the other grade 1 class made. When it was finished it also had bat fact and fiction sentences on it.

I love this bulletin board by our front office. Our kids love PacMan. There are some math games they play in the computer class ivolving Math-man.

I hope from these now FOUR posts on seasonal bulletin boards that you've found an idea for next year.

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