Sunday, March 30, 2014

More 100th day postcards? thank you!

Can you believe that it's now over a month since we celebrated our 100th day of school, and we've still seen a trickle of cards arriving at school every single week?

As of my last post we had received 27 postcards from around the world.

Since then we have received a further 21 plus a card!

So our new final total is 48  plus 1. So close to 50!

Thank you everyone!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kandoo is Kool!

Yup, on purpose spelling mistake and all!

So today this was my class:

It of course, made me the BEST TEACHER EVER!
I received SO many hugs and "I love you, teacher"s today, lol.

So how did this happen? back in December I wrote on the company's Facebook Page.

I, of course, immediately replied to their message with this email:

I figured it would be another long wait, since it had been several weeks since my original post...

So fast!

And then I waited...

Yesterday I received this lovely box:

I opened it and found 15 packages and 17 capes!
Each package included these wonderful surprises for my kiddies:
5 tattoos, a "What's your Super power" pin, a wipe, colouring page and a coupon for their moms!

I opened a cape to see what it looked like and put it on my husband:
Not his colour, he prefers Batman.

Our daughter checked it out but decided there was no way she was going to allow us to put it on her. However, it was okay to put on her dolly and make her fly across the room and land on the floor.

She was a little confused why the dog wouldn't let her put it on. 

So today I brought the rest to school and my kids were ecstatic!

Thank you so much Kandoo!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March events

We're celebrating International Reading Month at my school, and one thing the teachers are doing is decorating our doors. After everyone has their doors done, I'll take pictures of all the rest to share. What I've seen so far is Awesome!

For now, mine:

I gave them a few favourites to choose from, and I hyped this one up a bit more before we voted and this book was chosen. I had the students each make a cookie for the door, and chose a few to paint the mouse I'd traced on the overhead.

I also decided to share pictures of my kids reading on my outside bulletin board:

I don't know if you can tell, but each paper is folded and popped off the wall for a 3D effect.

And finally, since it's March and St. Patrick's day is next week, we made these Pots of shiny gold at the end of the rainbow:

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wow, busy night! Three new products ready.

So last night I finally finished up and posted three products from my long list of unfinished products (and those needing a freshening up).

I posted these great products. Very recently I shared my new colour posters for next year, and last night I shared my shape posters! I actually posted two very similar versions.

Here's a sneak peek. I like the black version better I think, but when I shared a sample page on my Facebook Fan page for help, half my respondents preferred the grey, so I made both!

And the third product I've been stressing over for a long time, and had hope to have it finished it time for the product swap this month, but didn't finally like it until last night.
This I'm really proud of. It's a Fry's first one hundred activity bundle, including flashcards, game cards, dominoes and dice. I'm hoping to eventually also add Bingo cards, and I have who has, but I'm thinking I'll make the second hundred first.

Which would you prefer?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Saskatchewan Roughriders!

To make our 100th day activities even crazier, it was also the day our school was honoured with a whirlwind visit from this years grey cup champions, the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Our school was a sea of green all day as students and staff all wore green in their honour.

Our buddy class made this poster for the two team members who came to the school with the cup. Instead of taking it, they signed it!

Here's one of them with the cup!

And here's the room of four classes (they were running short of time, so instead of the two classes per room as planned, they grabbed the last room of kids and put them in here with us. You can see a bunch of my favourite staff members taking pictures of the cup. Their pictures are WAY better than mine.

We managed to get my daughters shirt signed!
What an awesome memento for her when she's older wherever we're living then.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our 100th day (week) activities

You guys probably already celebrated your 100th day long before now, but ours was on Tuesday. I'm going to share with a you some of he things we did this week

On Tuesday I covered our door with this large sheet of paper and wrote Happy 100 on it. They had to crawl through the second 0. If I had time, I'd have painted it, but the kids don't know what they were missing, and were obsessed with crawling in and out of it all day.


We stacked 100 books (mostly phonics and easy readers for guided reading).

We counted 100 cereal and strung them on twine to make our 100th day necklaces (next year fruit loops)

I wrote 100 words from our Jolly phonics and together we blended/read them

Pairs of students counted out ten rows of ten blocks and then made things out of them.
 Like this cat!

How long is 100? It's almost as long as from our door to the grade two bulletin board. We cut out ten of each colour of paper.

We made giant posters.
Group one made a giant rainbow chip cookie (100 chips)
 Group two made a giant Superhero cape (100 lightnings)
 Group three made a giant kite (100 bows)

We ended the weeks activities with these 100 art projects. Here are a few cute samples: 
Two superheros!
 A giraffe
 A dinosaur
 A boy

Happy 100th day, hope you're inspired!

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