Thursday, April 30, 2015

Report Card Preparations.

Does anybody else both look forward to and dread report card day?

We had our third quarter report cards last week. Can you tell I like to be organized?

Each pile you see in the picture includes the report card for each student in the pile, and their sight word checklist. 

The small strip above the pile is their door prize raffle ticket.

The envelope is the parents order form for the book we're publishing with Student Treasures.

On top of the report cards is a compliment heart for each student from me, and a smaller heart for each parent to fill out. the plan is to collect the hearts and put them all on display in the hallway.

The book is the reading level each student in that pile is at. We wanted the parents to get a more concrete concept of what their students reading level means, So we showed them a book at the reading level they're in, and the end goal for the year as well. It was eye opening for most parents.

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