Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Ready for Grade One 001

The first product I have created specifically for this fall is nothing special, but it will form a piece of my year long assessment of my firsties, so I thought I'd share.

At the first of every month (or maybe near the fifteenth, I'm not sure, we'll see what happens), I plan to have each student print their name on this assessment sheet so we can together see how their penmanship improves over the course of their grade One year.

I know I've seen other teachers share similar products, so I don't feel comfortable selling it.

I've used one of my comic book style fonts so it will fit in with my Superhero theme, without being overtly heroish to scare away other teachers who may be interested in this idea.

I've created these primarily for myself. My new school runs ten months out of the year, starting in September I think (I know I have to report by the 26th), but I've created extras for those of you whose schools start in August and those who work in a year round school.

Please enjoy!

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  1. Neat Blog!!! I love all things teacher and education!


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