Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Simplest Ways to Make Use of Poems

Poetry in the Classroom?
Of course!
I love using poetry, don't you?
Of course you do, it's awesome.
You'd have to be a Beast to not see the benefits, lol.

Ok, not a beast, but maybe you just haven't found the right way to use poetry for YOUR classroom just yet.

How Can I use Poetry in my Class?
There are more ways to use poetry in a classroom than I can mention in one simple article, but I will share some of my favourites with you.

1. During Circle Time have a poem or twenty on your chart stand that your class reads together over the course of the year. Throughout the course of the year, change up how you interact with your poems. I recommend laminating so they can be reused all year, and brought out again next year with a new group. 
Suggestions for use:
-Teacher Read Aloud (with pointer)
-Students read along with the teacher
-Teacher Reads the line and pauses at the rhyme and prompts students to complete
-Students circle sight words (see picture)
-Students circle rhyming words

-Students read alone
-Students locate the random line the teacher quotes

2. Use as part of Word family or Sight Word studies- Write together a poem using as many words as they can from that week's word family or the most recent sight words.

3. On Posters around the Room and to Remember Rules. Take a picture of your kiddos standing how they are supposed to and put it up by the door. You can do similar things for other rules too! Poetry is a great way to remember rules. A rule at my house is, "You get what you get, and you don't get upset." Helen always remembers the rule because as soon as a start saying the short rhyme she can easily remember what comes next.
4. To Teach curriculum outcomes or character education.
Math? Sure!
Bullying? Got you covered!
I even wrote a few poems for anti-bullying as part of my popular Pink Shirt Day Resource.

5. Do you have a Christmas Concert? You could sing a song, or you could have the kids recite a rhythmic poem, complete wth drums. It's really up to you! You could introduce a few poems in November and go over them with the kids and have them vote on their favourite to share with their families at the concert. See More of my Christmas Songs

6. As books to read! (includes affiliate link) After all, we need to expose our kids to a variety of genres, why not poetry? Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on! Run into the library or bookstore and try a few different authors until you find one whose style you like.
Recently I introduced my daughter to the works of Sheree Fitch. Our first poem by her was the classic Mabel Murple. Check out Helen's review below:

Mabel Murple (pb) Mabel Murple (PB)
What if there was a purple planet with purple people on it? Sheree Fitch answers this question with a zany tongue-twister of a poem featuring Mabel Murple, a daredevil who rides a purple motorbike through purple puddles, skis on purple snow, and on her pancakes pours maple syrup. With a rich and vivid purple palette, Sydney Smith's brand-new illustrations reflect the wild joy in this classic poem. Originally published in 1995, Mabel Murple won the Ann Connor Brimer award for children's literature.

Oh, and if you like Mabel Murple, you should check out Helen's previous review of Red is Best Here!

Your turn!

What's your favourite way to add poetry to your class?

If you are interested in being a guest blogger, or would like me to guest post on your blog, please comment below or email me. I would LOVE to collaborate.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

130 Things Students Know we LOVE

Complete this Sentence: 
Every Student I've ever Taught Knows I LOVE...

Recently on Facebook and Twitter, I asked you this question. I received an OVERWHELMING response from all you wonderful educators. Thanks so much!

So as promised, I have compiled your answers below. Hopefully, I grabbed all the answers!

The top three answers are listed first, but the rest of your answers are listed in a seemingly random order.

1. Them (My Kindies, My first graders, my second graders, etc)
2. Coffee (Starbucks, Timmies)
3. Chocolate
4. Cake

5. The Number 15

6. The beach
7. My husband
8. My sister
9. Pink
10. Teammates
11. Family
12. Friends
13. Green
14. Books
15. Harry Potter
16. Coca-Cola (Coke, Diet Coke)
17. Candy

18. Chickfila
19. Dinosaurs
20. My Dog
21. Ketchup
22. Cats
23. Punctuation

24. Lighthouses
25. Taco Tuesday
26. Being Silly
27. Dancing
28. Cincinnati Bengals
29. The Reds
30. Frogs
31. Mac n' Cheese Day
32. Guinea Pigs
33. Unicorns
34. Purple
35. My Kids
36. My Grandkids
37. Laughter
38. Red
39. Teaching
40. Swedish Fish
41. Home time

42. Hello Kitty
43. Big Red
44. Art
45. Peanut M&Ms
46. Mint Gum
47. Clemson Tigers
48. Jelly Beans
49. ...and respect their differences and we learn from our mistakes
50. When they Understand a Concept

51. UNC Basketball
52. Peanut Butter
53. Donuts

54. Animals
55. Express
56. Big Foot
57. Tea
58. The Chicago Cubs
59. Reading
60. Singing
61. Everything!
62. Cherries
63. Chickens

64. Snickers
65. Being Mindful
66. Pot Noodle
67. Purdue
68. Luke Bryan
69. Playing Bagpipes

70. Owls
71. English

72. Bagel Bites
73. Chips and Guacamole
74. The Word Groovy
75. Being Corrected
76. Working with Slow Answer
77. Teaching Drama
78. Diet Pepsi
79. Snoopy, Charlie Brown
80. Coloring
81. Tacos
82. Target
83. Mermaids
84. Blue
85. Math
86. New Adventures
87. Disney
88. Peanuts
89. Sharks
90. The Buffalo Bills
91. The environment

92. John Cena
93. their heart
94. The Wizard of Oz
95. Elephants
96. Hugs

97. Fancy Post-it Notes
98. Pizza
99. A Clean Room

100. The Number 22
101. Booboo Kitty
102. Sprite
103. Mountain Dew
104. Sneakers
105. Reese Cups
106. Polka Dots
107. Glitter
108. Reader's Theater
109. Lobster
110. Butterflies
111. To talk with them
112. Pumpkin Everything
113. Scrapbooking
114. Justin Timberlake

115. John Bon Jovi
116. Frappes from McDonald's
117. Daryl from the Walking Dead
118.  The Number 11
119. Bacon
120. Psalm 1
121. Wine and Food
122. Broncos
123. Hokies
124. Orange
125. Sports
126. Penguins
127. Disneyland
128. Carlton
129. Porcupines
130. Leopard Print

Wow, we are all so different, yet so much alike! It was overwhelming how many of you answered THEM as what you think they would say you LOVE. At least 100 of you after I tally up all the places I know this post was shared.

Please comment below with what YOUR students would say!

If you are interested in being a guest blogger, or would like me to guest post on your blog, please comment below or email me. I would LOVE to collaborate.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

How do you find dollar deals on TPT?

I want dollar deals!
You do? 
Me too!
Great minds think alike, right?

Are there any on right now?
I'm so glad you asked! 

How do I find resources by participating stores?
Or you can type in #happyeasterdeals in the TpT search bar, but why do that when I've already done it for you? :)

How can I find just the resources Reading with Mrs. D has up?
I have both resources written up below for you so you can click on the hyperlinks there, or you can click on THIS link to the Reading With Mrs. D Store.

Can I put my products up too?
If you're a TPT seller you can join the Facebook Group Wallflower TpT Think Tank.
After you join, find the post about this sale and follow the rules. 
As ALWAYS in a seller hosted TPT sale, you mark ONLY two resources down, and you must help to promote the sale.

What Resources did you mark down Desiree?
I thought about the Easter Sentences instead, but I figured by now you have this week planned, lol. 

About the Resources

1. Spring Scrambled Sentences are part of a HUGE growing bundle I have been working on this year. 
I started with Halloween, and have made a set for almost every holiday and every season since then. 
They vary in length (the number of sentences included) so this is reflected in their individual prices.

For example, The Spring set has TWENTY sentences. Each coordinating recording sheet has space for FOUR of these sentences, so you could easily use FOUR sentences a week for FIVE weeks! 

I have also included a generic recording page so YOU can choose which four sentences to use any given week.

Here's a look for you:
Each sentence is five or six words long. I try to vary the sentences so they start with different words, and there is at least one questioning sentence in each pack.
The cards should be cut up and laminated for durability so students can shuffle them around to build a sentence that makes sense. Most sets each sentence can only make one good sentence, but there are a few sets where two words could be reversed. 
There are THREE recording sheet options in this set. COLOUR, B&W and a generic numbers only version.

So many early years students struggle with one or more set of easily confused letters.
This set (and ALL the sets) includes the following common reversals:

b/d/p/q/g (all possible pairs)
u/n/h/y (all possible pairs)
M/W m/w

Don't see the set of letters you were hoping for, or have an unusual confusion in your class? I can make you a Custom Set!

The Dice are very easy to use once you've taken the time to build the cubes (May I suggest it's a great job for a parent volunteer?) Just laminate, cut out and fold in place. I sealed mine with packing tape, which I also suggest for you.

To use, give the student the die with the two letters they are working on TODAY and the coordinating worksheet. Students roll the die, and then use the blue background to help them orient the die before recording the letter they rolled on their page. 

Here's a look for you:
Each die has the letters written on primary lines, with a blue rectangle behind the bottom section to help students orient the top and bottom of each letter. This is especially helpful when orienting tall or long letters.

The recording page has the letters again with primary lines. 
Students will simply record the letters they record UNDER the matching letter. 
It is up to YOU as the teacher if they will copy the letter or make a tally. 
Perhaps the first time they play they can make a tally, and the second time they might copy the letters?

That's it for today! Happy Shopping!

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