Sunday, February 12, 2017

Last minute Valentine's Day planning?

Are you doing some last minute planning this evening for Valentine's Day this week?

I have been busy updating my holiday resources to have Valentine versions of each ready for you to enjoy this week (Plus Saint Patrick's Day versions of each are ALL in the works). By back to school 2017 I will have EVERY holiday resource in every major holiday theme (or by request if you don't see it yet, but need it sooner). It helps when you've left the classroom to focus on your mental health and your family.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can find under Valentine's Day in my store RIGHT NOW:

Valentine's Day Scrambled Sentences
Each Sentence is Six words long, and starts with a different word for variety. 
16 Sentences to choose from!
Includes Coordinating Recording Pages.

Valentine's Day Opposites Attract Antonym Game
Working on Antonyms?
This set has 48 pairs to practice with!

Valentine's Day Letter ABC match game
Do you have your kids at home who are trying to connect upper and lowercase letters?
Check out this matching game!

Valentine Syllable Game using Dolch list
Are you trying to help your students hear the syllables in a word?
In this game students sort Dolch sight words into 1 or 2 syllables (only together has 3)

Valentine's Day Rhyme Card Game and Recording Page
Rhyming is an important emergent skill.
It also helps to practice word families, and short vowels!

Valentine Hearts Missing Stolen Numbers
Numbers to 100?
+ or - 1?
+ or - 10?
These cards will be an awesome way for students to learn numbers to 100!

Valentine's Day 1-10 Number Match Puzzle GameValentine's Day 11-20 Number Match Puzzle Game
These two games are sold separately, but work exactly the same. 
Find the four matching corner pieces!

Happy Shopping!

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