Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ten little Heroes

My classroom theme is Superheros this year, and so while teaching numbers this week, I decided a great way to review/learn counting up and down to ten (we have to be able to do it to twenty) would be to sing a numbers song.

The one I learned as a student in grade school is now wildly inappropriate/insensitive, especially in a Northern Community like where I've put down roots, but the tune we all grew up with is still a great resource.

And so, Ten little Heroes was born!

I drew hero masks on all my kiddos fingers and taught them the finger play.

Ten little Heroes

One little, two little, three little heroes, 
four little, five little, six little heroes, 
seven little, eight little, nine little heroes, 
ten little heroes in the room.

Ten little, nine little, eight little heroes, 
seven little, six little, five little heroes, 
four little, three little, two little heroes, 
One little Hero saves the day!

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