Wednesday, February 13, 2013

100 Fingers

I absolutely LOVE the idea of celebrating 100th day in school and the obvious number theory skills your class will learn as you count forwards to the day you will celebrate.

I love the idea of making a number train around the classroom, adding a number each day. How about on every fifth day using a hand to represent that five days have passed? This will also help the students learn about the number 5!

For this idea, I have prepared a number of hands each with a multiple of five printed on it up to number 100.

Here is an example. Go to Teachers pay teachers for the entire file. It's only $2.

Print either as full page for student colouring, or as half pages to use as part of your number line.

Let me know what you use it for and how you use it, thanks!

Also, I'm still looking for teacher bloggers who want to be featured on my blog, if that's you, leave a comment!

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