Friday, August 22, 2014

Long Summer. glad to be back!

Good morning everyone!

I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been having an awesome summer visiting family in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Here's a few highlights:

It was my daughters first flight ever so I was very excited to create these treat bags to hand out to fellow passengers.

 See how excited our girl is? This is of course before the plane took off and she learned how to undo her seatbelt...

Our first weekend home we went with my mom to learn about African drumming. Our girl couldn't decide if she liked drumming or dancing more.

What summer is complete without a little chalk drawing?

At a local zoo in Saint John when we were visiting my in-laws they had a beautiful garden designed like the Medicine Wheel. So neat!

She really liked the waves at Roseway Beach. We roared at them when the were crashing into us.

On the day we went to the buskers we took the ferry across the harbour to Halifax. No trip to Dartmouth is complete without a ferry ride. Here is my husband purposefully photobombing my selfie.

We celebrated our third anniversary while home for summer. We had dinner at Jack Asters as part of our evening out, and both got a big kick out of the name they chose to call the Tax. Thank you Stephen Harper for the laugh!

Our local Science Centre, the Discovery Center, was hosting a sesame Street exhibit about the body, so we went during our last week home. Our girl loved the part with the sinks best and the grocery store second best.

A day or two after we got back to Saskatchewan we went Wild Berry Picking. Not a bad end to the summer if I do say so myself! Here's our girl picking  eating some.

How was your summer?

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  1. Ok the Stephen Tax...priceless!!!! Thanks for the giggle!!


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