Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Super Bulletin Border! sneak peak #1

If you've been a long time reader or are just passing through, you may have noticed I like to use Superheroes in my classroom.

As part of my plan to make my classroom a more calming area for students this year but still, keep my theme, I've decided to use the same Bulletin board paper on all my boards, and to make it the scientifically proven calming blue.

I though blue... hmm.... SKY?

I'm still working on my room, but I thought I'd give a sneak peak in the form of a tutorial for the border I chose for a few boards (not all).

Check it out here:

First, I took a bunch of letter size paper and cut it in half.

Then I folded it accordion style. (so there were 4 hills and 3 valleys, does that make sense?)

Then I set to stapling it around my bulletin board. Each piece got precisely 3 staples. 

Ta da! Finished product. Tomorrow I tackle the board on the opposite side of the window to match.

I think the white fluffyish border reminds me of clouds. What do you think?

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