Friday, June 15, 2012

Superhero Obsession Part Two: Inspiration

As promised, today's entry contains my inspiration board for my imaginary classroom.

I will explain each part and if I can, I will share where the image came from.

To the original owners of these images, I hope no one takes offense to my sharing these images, please take this as the highest form of flattery!

I have a TON more ideas for this theme collected on my Superheroes Pinterest board. I add every idea I see, and regularly do Pinterest searches for this theme. Check them out here.

Zero the Hero. I've seen a few different sources for similar units. I can use this for counting to the 100th day of school, and showing how the 0's (the ten's) make it easier to count to our goal. This particular unit includes a few different songs and poems. I wish I could find the link on my computer to this unit. I wish I pinned this version!

On student's birthday's, one idea I like is to have a birthday cape for them to wear instead of the crown, I'm also considering a chair cover that hangs like a cape, but I've never seen anything like that. If you do that, I'd love to see a picture! This cape I found on Teacher Idea Factory.

Classroom Helpers would be Hero of the Day, and to distinguish them, they could wear these "power bracelets" Image is via Pinterest. The original pin is missing, I wish I could track it down, sorry!

D: One part of my Classroom Management system will include these mystery heroes. Every day the teacher pulls the name of one student and spends the day keeping their eye on their behaviour. The class never ever knows who the teacher is following until the end of the day. If they did great, the hero is revealed and rewarded, of not, the hero remains a secret and gets to try again a different day. This image is from

E: I've been in love with these clip charts since I first saw them near the end of my last year teaching. I was going to implement one this year, but my job fell through. This Superhero inspired one comes from 3rd Grade's a Hoot

F: Every Lower Elementary Classroom needs day's of the week cards for yesterday, today and tomorrow. I love these themed ones from Preschool Printables

G: My last classroom had AWFUL curtains. How about replacing them with Superhero capes? From Mrs. Jones Superheroes

H: The internet is full of hero alphabets to choose from, here's one poster you could put up in your classroom. From Piccsy

I: I've never used the daily five, but I plan on using a form of them next time I teach. Here are a set of Superhero headers I found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

J: Every Superhero classroom needs calendar headers, here's a cute set I stumbled also from Teachers Pay Teachers

K: I used to have a bulletin board titled awesome work, next time I'll have one like this from mme. Borton

L: And  finally, I NEED to have comic book pows, bangs, etc decorating the random corners of my classroom like these one's from etsy.

Many of the rest of the ideas I've found are individual lessons, and are not long term ideas, but I love them all so much! It will be very hard to pull off this theme without going overboard.

Do you have any ideas I haven't pinned? Please direct me to them!!!!

Have something you'd like me to blog about, or are interested in guest blogging? Please comment below.

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