Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sunday School Pre-prep 2012

Well tomorrow marks the start of another year of Sunday School classes at my church.

I'll be teaching the 2/3 class again this year, after teaching the first half of last year, and the last half of the year before.

Our church uses this curriculum for grades 2-10:
Seasons of the Spirit

When you open up to this week's lesson you'll see all the changes I'm making. There's technically nothing wrong with the curriculum, but I always modify it to match my own teaching style, and to include the Lord's Prayer in every week.
Seasons of the Spirit

When I tell the story starting this year I'll be using gestures and asking the kids to copy me like in Whole Brain Teaching.
WBT gestures bible story

I've marked off the nine months of curriculum to make it easier to look ahead and to prepare my "Month of Sunday's" bulletin board.
post it note page dividers organization

Every teacher has to wear a nametag so we are easily recognized as belonging there.
name tag

I'm displaying on one small board my "Month of Sunday's" featuring this pennant made out of old gift bags.

Month of Sundays

Each of the four Sunday's gets a page with the focus scripture and the theme of the week's lesson.
Month of Sundays

I made these two posters for my class. The first I explained here and the second is the Lord's Prayer. I still need t make a matching one for the Apostles Creed.
We Pray poster Lord's Prayer

I grabbed these from various unnamed sites online, and edited them to fit the paper. The first is the books of the Bible, and the other two are different ways of looking at the Liturgical year.
books of bible liturgical year posters

These are my Whole Brain teaching rules posters from First Grade By the Sea. I've mentioned before how much I love these! There's none for either raise your hand that also had an appropriate bible verse, so I'm omitting it for now since I usually only have at most 5 students, and they are often too shy to raise their little hands. We'll see how the first few weeks go to see if I add it later.
Whole Brain teaching Christian quotes 5 rules

My curriculum comes with these lovely posters, which I really don't care for. Each season I usually like 1-2, but never all of them. Again this year that hold true.
Pentecost 2 posters Seasons of the Spirit

I want my kids and their families to feel welcome, so I made this long pennant for outside our door.
Wrapping Paper Welcome Sign

I'm still colouring these, but that's ok, because I'm not entirely sure how I'll display them. I got them from Ministry to Children.
Bible Alphabet

Stay Tuned for my update on Monday to see pictures of the classroom!

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