Saturday, February 7, 2015

Guided Reading With multiple levels

I've told you before about how my school does guided reading this year, well now I've had my turn at having kiddos from two levels in one group.

I'd done it before, last year, when each teacher was responsible their own kiddos only, and I had only one child at a level. I'd read two books on a similar theme with the whole group, and tested them only on the book at their own level.

This year though, the groups come from 3 classes (as of this week 4, since there are now Kindergartens in my group, as they've passed the ELT).

As you can see from the pictures below, I chose non-fiction books for both groups. I did this because our kiddos NEED more exposure to nonfiction, and because it's easier to match themes this way!

I chose two books studying weather
I figured, all the kiddos with me for this week of sessions could be learning the same Vocabulary and text features, and I wouldn't have to spend as much time going over the book with each half. They all did really well on this weeks assessment! They didn't all pass it, but they did really well.

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